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Individual Music Therapy Sessions

Music Therapists (MTA’s) are trained to integrate music, counselling, identification of music preferences, song writing, drumming, singing and instrument improvisation towards the following goals: 

Mood, Anxiety, Depression, Communication, Language, Motor, Socialization, Emotional Expression, Confidence, Relaxation 

Personalized programs designed  for brain injury, stroke, mental health, autism, learning challenges, developmental and physical disabilities, dementia, palliative care, long-term care as well as youth at risk. 

Although not covered by basic health care plans, music therapy services may be covered by some extended health programs and insurance plans. Contact your employer or insurance provider to inquire about MT services and coverage.

Individual and Personalized Sessions happen at the following locations:


RS Music Studio

12424 Symons Valley Rd NW
Where Making Music is Fun’

JB Music Therapy Centre

1 – 1332 Hastings Crescent SE

“Transforming Lives One Note at a Time”

Inquire or Book Sessions Here