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JB Music Therapy is a consulting company of certified Music Therapists (MTAs) and a recognized internship site for music therapy students from around the world.  All music therapists are members of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists.

Jennifer Buchanan, MBA, MTA, is the Founder and CEO of JB Music Therapy, a company that has been instrumental in the implementation of hundreds of music therapy programs throughout Canada since 1991 and has been thrice nominated for the Community Impact Award by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. An author and in-demand keynote speaker, Jennifer is recognized as a trusted source for television and print media throughout North America.
IMGL4125 Shannon Robinson, BMT, MTA, a Certified Music Therapist since 1999, loves working with children….and adults…and seniors… really everyone.  She believes that music cultivates this connection and can be a catalyst for wellness and growth. Shannon aims to support a team that is as passionate about this message as she is. As Head of Operations for JB Music Therapy, her focus is to enhance client engagement by ensuring strong client-therapist relationships. 
Laurie Perez, BA, MTA, Community Programs Director has completed the graduate certificate music therapy program at Concordia University. Laurie is thrilled and grateful to be a part of the JBMT team. She is dedicated to influencing others through the healing power of music. Laurie’s gift to create an environment of freedom using music creates a warm, nurturing environment for all ages and abilities.
Madi Allen, BMT, MTA graduated from MacEwan University’s Music Diploma program with a major in Vocal Performance and then completed her Music Therapy education at Capilano College. Madi is also one of the featured performers at Aussie Rules, a duelling piano bar in Calgary.

Leah Callao, BMT, MTA completed her internship at JB Music Therapy and graduated from Capilano University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy. Growing up, music and performing has been a key passion in her life. Leah believes music has the power to provide opportunities for her clients to express themselves freely, creatively, and safely. When not working as a Music Therapist, you can find Leah exploring the beautiful Alberta Rockies or enjoying her time working out at the gym.   

Andrea Curry-Hansell CMT, NMT, MTA,  originally from Sydney Nova Scotia, graduated from the Music Therapy Program at  Acadia University after 2 years in the Jazz Vocal improvisation program at St. Francis Xavier, and 2 years of the Classical voice program at Dalhousie University. Andrea has advanced training in Neurologic Music Therapy to help overcome and rehabilitate speech, motor movement and life skills post-brain injury (stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease- among other neurological impairments).  Andrea is a singer-songwriter with three studio albums to her credit.

Nadine De Bruyn, BMT, MTA is a born and raised Calgarian. She completed her internship at JB Music Therapy after graduating from Acadia University. Nadine is honoured to be a part of the JBMT team and is passionate about the community it serves. Nadine is driven by the positive growth that music motivates in her clients and the beautiful moments of connection that stem from collaborative music-making.

Jessamy Gray, BMT, MTA spent three years at MacEwan University in Edmonton studying Child and Youth Care and then Music, focusing on piano and vocal performance, before completing their final two years of Music Therapy studies at Capilano University in North Vancouver. After having interned with JB Music Therapy in Calgary, she gratefully remains part of the team while now working from Edmonton. Jessamy is continually delighted in the way music therapy offers everyone a unique opportunity for success and is honoured to support a diverse spectrum of clients in working towards their goals.

Lisa Jacobs, BMT, MTA is a graduate from Capilano University in North Vancouver. She has a strength-based approach and values using music for connection (to oneself and others).  When not practicing Music Therapy, Lisa can be found performing as a bass guitarist with a variety of artists. She is also a board member of the Music Therapy Association of Alberta and the Western Canadian Music Awards. 
Janelle Miller, BMT, MTA graduated from Selkirk College’s music diploma program with a major in Vocal Performance and then completed her Bachelor of Music Therapy degree at Capilano University. Janelle believes in the wholeness of every client she has the privilege of working with, and is passionate about genuine human-to-human connection through music. Janelle uses a strengths-based approach to co-create, with her clients, a space of safety and acceptance to foster wellness and growth. 
Tania Mulki, BMT, MTA was born and raised in Argentina. An initially self-taught musician, she later studied music at Canadian Mennonite University, where she discovered Music Therapy and fell in love with it! Tania believes in the power of bringing her true authentic self to the therapeutic relationship. She has a client-centred approach to therapy and considers it an honour to be part of her clients’ journeys.
Lisa Nagtegaal, BA, MTA is passionate about the profession of music therapy. She has learned that connections and relationships built by music can be a catalyst for tremendous change and growth.  Lisa graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and completed her music therapy training at Arizona State University. 
Jessica Pereversoff, MMT, MTA,  a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Master of Music Therapy program, is an innovative and supportive music therapist known for her warmth, sensitivity, and professionalism. With experience in palliative care, bereavement, and women’s support, Jessica skillfully integrates psychotherapy with music, employing her violin, voice, and guitar.
Kate Pereversoff, BMT, MTA is glad to be part of the JB Music Therapy Team. She believes that within each music therapy session there is an opportunity to connect with others, learn something new, reminisce, and express oneself. Kate enjoys using familiar songs, improvisation and the violin to facilitate sessions. This Acadia University graduate likes the ocean, but the mountains are where she would call home. 
Emma Rose, MA, MTA was born and raised in Alberta. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Voice Performance at McGill University, Emma completed the Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy program at Concordia University, where she continues to pursue an MA in Creative Arts Therapies. Emma is honoured to be welcomed home by the JB Music Therapy team, and to share her passion for music in a way that will promote wellness and empowerment. 

Sarah Van Peteghen, BMT, MTA is honoured to be a part of this team for over 10 years.  A native Albertan and a graduate from Acadia University, Sarah serves groups and individuals with JB Music Therapy and at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.  When she’s not playing music with or for people, Sarah can be found swimming with the master’s club, out on her e-bike or seeking new experiences both home and abroad. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 4.30.08 PM  Rebecca Woodruff, BSc, NMT, MTA graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy. She completed her internship at Hartvigson School in Salt Lake City Utah working with children with special needs. Though her principal instrument is the harp, she has completed extensive training on the piano as well. Rebecca greatly enjoys working with those with disabilities but is excited to gain more experience with diverse populations served by JB Music Therapy.