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Music Therapy Services

What Is Music Therapy?

JB Music Therapy is a team of MTA’s graduates of approved training programs who have successfully written their certification board exam. Music Therapists are currently in the process of being regulated under the College of Counselling Therapy of Alberta.

Music Therapy is an allied health profession and is used in health care, education systems, corporations and private residences/agencies. Music Therapy is the study and practice of how music affects people. It does not promote or require musical ability, but instead is a process of making, being affected by, and responding to music to address specific goals. MTAs (Music Therapists) use music intentionally to help clients reach these individualized goals. 

What Goals do JB Music Therapists address:

Music Therapists (MTA’s) are trained to integrate music,  counselling questions, identification of music preferences, songwriting, drumming, singing and instrument improvisation towards the following goals: mood, anxiety and depression, communication, language, motor, socialization,  emotional expression and confidence, relaxation &  focus

What is the College of Counselling Therapy of Alberta?

This is a new College that would govern the profession of counselling therapists, addiction counsellors and child and youth care counsellors under the Health Professions Act

Who Does JB Music Therapy Work With?

The environments we partner with most often include:

  • Mental Health Facilities, Addictions Programs, and Forensic Units

  • Hospitals and Neuro Units/Programs

  • Dementia Care and Long Term Care 

  • Schools and Children’s Development Programs

  • Day Programs

  • Palliative Care and Grief and Loss Programs

  • Corporate Wellness Programs


Denise Donlon

General Manager-Much Music

Executive Director-CBC

How miraculous it is to witness the benefits that music therapy can bring. The mysteries of the mind and the power of music combined is an incredible therapeutic tool to reach those who can be reached in virtually no other way.



Although not covered by basic health care plans, music therapy services may be covered by some extended health programs and insurance plans. Contact your employer or insurance provider to inquire about MT services and coverage.

Please contact our office to discuss your facility’s needs and schedule your first session.

JB Music Therapy welcomes new clients all year round.