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Online Music Therapy

Online Music Therapy

A great choice for if you need to stay at home, have mobility issues, or live outside of the Calgary area and would still like to work with one of our certified music therapists. Group and Individual sessions available.

Our Major Service Areas

We most often partner with individuals, families, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and charities.

Highlighted Programs

Programs you can register for. In-person and online.



Winter 2021 – $109 for 12 weeks or UNLIMITED Sessions for $209!

For You. Your Family. Your Friends!!! If you are feeling you need a space to drum this is THE space. Bring your drum, a pot or a pan, an empty garbage can, or sticks for the coffee table. Let’s just drum. Together. Online.

Music Therapy Counselling

Music Therapy Counselling

Music Therapy for your Mental Health and Wellness

Music Therapy supports individuals going through difficult life transitions and moments of shift. When words are not enough, let music start the conversation.

Word from the Founder

I have witnessed how music can stop babies from crying, and make great men start. I have seen it open doors to communication for someone unable to speak, and silence someone who normally has words for everything.

There are countless opportunities for music to make a difference. It can and does save healthcare dollars, but its effects go far deeper than its monetary value.

My mission is to help everyone understand what music is capable of doing when we allow ourselves to truly tune in to its potential.

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What We Hear from People

With MUSIC the patients are able to get rid of pent up feelings. I have witnessed improved feelings of acceptance, self- confidence and sense of value.

April Gallagher


Alberta Children's Services

It is so wonderful how my son has just exploded in his communication using his words and I am sure it’s all due to your program! I have heard how much music helps people with problems communicating and now I have seen it first hand.

Kate Train



MUSIC creates a calm and safe environment. It brings back old memories and eliminates isolation.

Megan Dow

Recreation Therapist

Intercare - Chinook Care Centre

Residents experiencing dementia have had the opportunity to interact and express themselves through MUSIC. A great sense of calm, fulfillment can be felt, seen and observed by staff. One commented after “how powerful,’ another said “Look how relaxed everyone is. Very beneficial.”

Emma Madden

Recreation Therapist

Bethany Care Society - Sylvan Lake

JB Music Therapy provides well planned sessions with concepts developed at an appropriate pace, allowing for gradual but definite growth in skills and confidence.

Charlotte White



We have seen many positive changes during music therapy. This is a great experience for all parties involved. Your integrity is very commendable.


House Manager

Rehoboth Christian Ministries

The Music Therapist is very dynamic, very skilled, and good at drawing patients out.

Kim Francis


Foothills Medical Centre

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