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The Power of a Playlist!

The Power of a Playlist!

Activities for your Organization, Home or School

Our Major Service Areas

We most often partner with organizations, government agencies, and corporate wellness programs.

Highlighted Programs

Programs you can register for. In-person and online.



Vibrant Beats and Meaningful Songs, Exclusively Online. A core offering of our Harmony@Home series, specifically tailored for persons with disabilities.



Golden Rhythms and Memorable Songs, Exclusively Online

Immerse yourself in the enriching rhythms of life with JB Music Therapy’s signature online program, LifeDrum, part of our Harmony@Home series. Crafted especially for those aged 60 and above, LifeDrum encapsulates the legacy and tales of a lifetime with every resonant beat. 

Online Music Therapy

Online Music Therapy

Online music therapy has the potential to educate and promote healthy practices, serve remote and rural families, support mental health in vulnerable patients, and create capacity in the healthcare system to meet client-centered needs

Word from the Founder

I have witnessed how music can stop babies from crying, and make great men start. I have seen it open doors to communication for someone unable to speak, and silence someone who normally has words for everything.

There are countless opportunities for music to make a difference. It can and does save healthcare dollars, but its effects go far deeper than its monetary value.

My mission is to help everyone understand what music is capable of doing when we allow ourselves to truly tune in to its potential.

Our founder's signature

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