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Online, Group and Individual Sessions

We are an award-winning team of certified Music Therapists who partner with organizations in Calgary, Canada.  We offer an array of personalized services including:   

Online Music Therapy 

A great choice if you are traveling, need to stay at home, have mobility issues or live outside of the Calgary area and would still like to work with one of our certified music therapists. 

Individual and Group Music Therapy Sessions

Personalized Programs designed for brain injury, stroke, mental health, autism, learning challenges, developmental and physical disabilities, dementia, palliative care, long-term care as well as youth at risk.  

Music Therapists (MTA’s) use  music, counselling questions, identification of music preferences, songwriting, drumming, singing and instrument improvisation towards the following goals:

Mood, Anxiety and Depression, Communication, Language, Motor, Socialization, Emotional Expression and Confidence, Relaxation & Attention


A choir that brings together people living with dementia and their care partners. 


A drumming session for youth and adults with mild to moderate disabilities. Drums provided. No music experience necessary. 


A music-based group intervention program for children. Personalized for the child and group. 


A goal-driven, one-a-week camp. Different themes each week with a final report that can be shared with your child’s teachers, physician, FSCD worker, or other therapists. 

Staff Workshops

JB Music Therapy presentations inspire and ignite audiences into action! Music can strengthen organizations and teams of any size. When we experience the right music, in the right way, transformation can happen –  improved health, a boost in productivity, less stress, overall feelings of happiness, and stronger workplaces. 



For all ages and abilities. JBMT has a team of certified Music Therapists (MTAs) who look forward to working with you.

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One of our many signature programs designed and implemented by JB Music Therapists

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The efficacy of Music Therapy is slowly but surely being recognized in medical, neuroscience, and therapy journals

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Music to Support Child Development and Aging Well!

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See What We Do!

Jennifer Buchanan Client

Amy G


Bethany Care Society

We are so very happy that our residents are able to access your high quality services. Everyone from JB Music Therapy continues to impress me with their professionalism and dedication to our residents.