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About Us

JB Music Therapy is an award recognized Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta. JBMT is a team of certified Music Therapists (MTAs) who design treatment plans for people of all ages to foster change: boost mood, decrease stress, improve speech after injury, increase focus, develop learning, lessen anxiety, and recover lost memories.

We are a self-funding, for-profit business with a mission to tackle the needs of many people – and to achieve their goals (goals that make our clients feel healthier, stronger, more capable to do what they desire to do) – we most often partner with government agencies, non-profit organizations, or charities to ensure we meet our mission.

Company Mission 

Through excellence in clinical practice and public education, JB Music Therapy’s mission is to transform lives, one note at a time.

Company Vision (why we are doing it)

To make a significant impact in those we serve, and to help all people regardless of age or ability to achieve their goals.

Core Value (the intent behind what we do)

Our core value is transformational connection – connection to music, connection to our agency partners, connection to our clients and their families, and the team’s connection to one another.

The Beginning

JB Music Therapy (JBMT) served its first client the second Friday of September in 1991.

Company Objectives (where we are going)

  • partnering with like-minded mission businesses (those who believe in wellness for all persons) and providing expert music therapy services to all those that seek our specific skills.
  • create, develop and implement best care practices, at all levels of our business, promoting wellness for all who work in and are served by our company.
  • ensuring our services are completely accessible to all persons by keeping every session personalized and ensuring that if you can not come to us – we will come to you.

Company Ownership

JBMT is a business corporation, owned by Jennifer Buchanan. She has been the sole owner since the company’s inception in 1991.  JB Music Therapy was incorporated in 2005.

Collaborative Partners

In addition to its team, JBMT is fortunate to be aligned with many health care agencies, health care practitioners, privately run programs and educational facilities.  These collaborative partners are critical to developing our company, identifying our community responsibilities, and strengthening our programs in order to accomplish goals that we would not be able to achieve alone.

Jennifer Buchanan, MBA, MTA


JB Music Therapy

“The music we use, and how we respond to the music in our life, is unique to everyone regardless of age, ability or health status. When used intentionally, and guided by a Music Therapist, music can help reduce stress, access long forgotten memories or help you cope with life’s challenges. JB Music Therapy offers Canadians a unique experience, and from all accounts in both science and experience, one that can enhance every person’s overall health.”