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Music therapy for preschoolers is beneficial as it supports the development of many skills. It allows for the strengthened development of new brain connections and neuro pathways. The rhythm activates focus, repetition supports learning, and singing allows children to be expressive as they naturally are.

The play experienced through music-making also enhances social interactions and awareness to support relationships with family and peers.



What We Can Address:

  • Improve attention and focus through highly engaging experiences
  • Support language and communication development
  • Increase emotional regulation
  • Enhance the development of body awareness and fine and gross motor skills
  • Foster connecting with others

Supporting Research and Additional Articles


What You May Experience:

Here are some examples of what can be addressed during your music therapy session with your dedicated therapist:

  1. Active music listening to familiar and preferred songs for sensory stimulation and brain development
  2. Vocal play and singing to enhance language development and communication
  3. Movement to music to reinforce motor skill development
  4. Instrument playing to support play, interaction, and self-expression
  5. Music relaxation exercises to decrease stress and assist with emotional regulation


Ask Questions and Schedule Sessions

  1. Email your questions or schedule an appointment:

  2. You will be asked to complete an intake form. This will be another opportunity to ask any of the questions you may have to ensure an online session is best for your needs.

  3. Costs will be discussed and defined. 

  4. We will then match you with a therapist who is available and fits your needs.

  5. A final confirmation will be sent via email.