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Music to be Shared

From the album ‘Music Express’ released in 1998 by Jennifer Buchanan. 

This 35 minute music CD was specifically designed for young children.  Jennifer Buchanan wrote the songs for over her first decade of directing music therapy programs.

Music has always been an important influence in children’s lives. From their first lullaby to songs in games, children are educated, entertained and moved to creativity through music. Music therapists springboard off these early experiences and introduce new melodies, tones and sounds that will add to a child’s positive memory development to promote communication and other non-music goals.

These songs came out of her clinical work aimed to develop motor skills, language acquisition, and the imagination process.

Let’s Breathe
Dance a Lot
ABCs 123s
My Body’s Special
I Love You
Up and Down
Just Like That
I’m Like the Weather
Potty Song
We Are Making Music
Old Mac


From the album ‘Just an Old Sweet Song’ released by Jennifer Buchanan in 2012. 

Jennifer Buchanan’s vision for this album was to re-create some of the world’s favourite songs in a fashion where the listener can not help but sing along.

This CD was created to provide a soft, mellow, and warm flavour to your home or facility.

All of Me
As Time Goes By
Autumn Leaves
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Blue Moon
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
Georgia on My Mind
Boy from Impanema
It Had to Be You             
Route 66
Satin Doll
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Sunnyside of the Street
Wonderful World