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Corporate Wellness

Music is being under-utilized in corporate wellness programs even though there is tremendous science supporting its capacity to decrease stress, boost productivity and motivation, improve sleep and increase creativity and mindfulness. 

The Power of Music to Boost Mood, Memory, and Motivation at Work?

At JB Music Therapy we recognize the profound influence that music can have on employee well-being and organizational culture. With our extensive expertise and collective experiences we have witnessed remarkable transformations resulting from the convergence of music, science, and the workplace.

Why Music at Work?

  • has the power to rewire and reshape our brains
  • forms new neural connections and strengthens existing ones
  • enhances various cognitive abilities, such as memory, attention, and language skills
  • evokes intense feelings, triggers memories, and even modulates our emotional states
  • promotes interconnectedness among different brain regions
  • bridges cultural gaps and promotes inclusivity
  • activates the brain’s reward and pleasure centers
  • fosters a sense of connection and empathy.
  • creates an environment that values diversity
  • ignites positive emotions, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and a more favourable perception of the overall service experience

Delivery Options

Lunch – Time Training
Revitalize your workday with our 60-minute lunchtime training sessions. ‘Music@Work’ integrates the therapeutic and collaborative power of music into a compact, engaging format. Participants will learn about music therapy, create and listen to music mindfully, and curate personal playlists to boost productivity and relaxation. These sessions are perfect for busy professionals looking to harmonize their work-life balance and enhance workplace harmony.
Dive deeper into the world of musical wellness with our immersive half or full-day workshops. These extensive sessions provide a comprehensive exploration of how music can positively impact workplace dynamics. From team-building exercises to creative brainstorming through music, our workshops are customized to align with your organizational needs. Engage in a transformative experience that resonates with enhanced collaboration, innovation, and overall well-being.
Individual and Group Music Therapy Sessions
Experience the healing power of music with our tailored music therapy sessions. Offered both individually and in groups, these sessions are designed to address diverse wellness goals. Our certified music therapists (MTAs) specialize in stress reduction, emotional well-being, creativity enhancement, and team-building. Whether it’s a personal journey or a collective experience, discover how music can foster a harmonious and thriving work environment.

Ready to transform your organization’s well-being?

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According to a 2018 survey by Accountemps, 61% of professionals said they are somewhat more productive when music is playing in the office. Also, more than 70% of the 400 Canadian workers said their companies allow music at work, with 41% saying there are no restrictions and 20% saying there are restrictions, i.e. they must wear headphones and keep the volume to a minimum.
People are looking to be more focused and more creative, and at the C-suite level they are looking to increase productivity,” says Jennifer Buchanan, owner of JB Music Therapy.
– Your Workplace Magazine, 2020