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Corporate Wellness

We believe music is being under-utilized in corporate wellness programs even though there is tremendous science supporting its capacity to decrease stress, boost productivity and motivation, improve sleep and increase creativity and mindfulness.

JB Music Therapy delivers the information in a seminar fashion (making music not required unless you want to).  What we give you during every seminar is the science and information you need to us music more efficiently and effectively in your work and home.

Each year, health related employee absenteeism equates to an estimated $16 billion or more in direct lost revenue to Canadian employers. Shockingly, it is estimated that about 60% of absenteeism is stress related. Music can help with this – it is low barrier and low cost.

One of our senior-level subject matter experts (certified music therapists) will come to your organization and present the latest information, for using music in the workplace. Group workshop seminars, from one to two hours in length, will address numerous health matters, including sleep, exercise, productivity, innovation and stress management.