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A Love Song to My Children

During a particularly difficult time in my life I felt overwhelmed and out of touch with what was important.  I know there are many of you in this position – managing work, obligations at home, managing family schedules, doctors visits, grocery shopping, not to mention finding time to shower.

It was after on particular long day that I realized how much I was missing my children who were in daycare… so I could make music with other people’s children.

I was heart-sick.  For weeks my children had not been getting my best songs, my best smile, my best behaviour – they were getting the remnants of the day.  Do you know this feeling?

When I arrived at the daycare to pick them up, my daughter jumped up to hug me and my son wrapped his arms around me.  They skipped and smiled and got in the car while telling me stories of their day.  I couldn’t stop crying.  How could they still love me when I wasn’t at my best?

I began to sing a song to my children – a song I had never sung before. Later that evening, after the children had gone to bed, I finished writing the song.

First thing in the morning, before I played a note or smiled at anyone else, I sang to my children….my special love song to them. Here it is:

I Love You by Jennifer Buchanan  (available on iTunes)

I love you, you here within me rocking so gently
Everyday will be so brand new
I’m so glad that you’ll be here soon.

I love you, you who are sleeping, peacefully dreaming
As the stars light up the sky
I am blessed to know you are mine.

No matter what this world may bring to you
I pray that my God will watch over you.

I love you, you who will kiss me and hug me freely
Because of you my heart will sing,
Joy to my life you bring

No matter what this world may bring to you
I pray that my God will watch over you

I love you, you who makes music with your soul and your spirit
Oh I love you, you who are right here.

– Jennifer Buchanan 1999


Choose a melody you know well.  Write out all the words and then begin to change the words to write your own love song to your child or children.  Your children do not have to be 4 and 5, they could be 40 and 42.  Writing a love song to your children (and singing it to them – or just to yourself) is an meaningful way to connect, or reconnect.