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Love Songs for Our Children

I don’t typically write the feedback I get from blogs posted but with your permission here are just some of the messages I received after writing “A Love Song for My Children” from some incredible mothers and grandmothers.  Thank you ladies.

I know the pulls and tugs when we can’t possibly be a super mom, super wife, super worker and then also expect to have anything left for ourselves. We also need to be just as caring and loving to ourselves. That’s the next learning! And that comes when our kids move on to greater independence. Isn’t that the goal all along? We hold them close only to release them and find their own wings, with them returning as they wish, which they will. In the meantime, it’s our turn. And that transition comes with some re-evaluation and turbulence, as change always does. All is as it should be!
With love, Nell Smith

Jen, as always you are a beautiful , sentimental human being, giving love and receiving love from so many. Every time you say I’m a mentor to you, I am touched by your feelings and friendship. We have worked together so long, and know how each is feeling as we share like thoughts on so many occassions. But you have to know that your warmth and caring reach not only the clients you work with but the family of friends that you have gathered around you as you pass through your life. Your song is beautiful.. I’m sure your kids will grow up the better for it. …Always
Fran Herman
One of the Founders of Music Therapy in Canada and of the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund and My Mentor

I feel honored to be included in your mother list. Just for fun I share here my version of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s most famous poem, How Do I Love Thee?

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the sound of the
Toilet seat going down.
And receiving your support
Though often I frown.
I love cuddling in bed as we grow old,
With ‘ner a grumble re my feet, ice-cold.
Patricia Morgan, President, CAPS Calgary

Each week or so I receive your newsletter in my inbox.  Each week, I take the time to read it – whether it pertains to something in my life or not… and today – I received your Musical Motivator # 46!  It is amazing how we can become so out of touch with our loved ones, yet be so close.  I remember you singing that song a few years back when I was happily living out my music therapist dream in Calgary – and as I listen to it now as a mother of three – I have tears streaming down my cheeks! 
Graduated Staff of JB Music Therapy now in PEI

Oh, Jen, what an absolutely beautiful song. It obviously came straight from the heart, and I am so glad you shared it with me and your readers! It reminds me of a poem I wrote for my grandson years back!

Brand New Day

I awoke.
A cough, a small cry –
Heard through the walls
Between his room and mine.

I stumbled
Nakedly from my bed
Across the hall,
Turned the knob,
And gathered up
The tiny warm body that
Hurled itself into my arms.

I waited
As he snuggled his head
Against my shoulder,
Melted to me.

I lay down
On his small bed,
Covering us both,
That he wasn’t really
Wide awake
At 5:00 a.m.

I yearned
For just another hour
Of restful sleep
As he curled up
Next to me,
Head buried in the vee
Of my neck,
Fine baby curls
Tickling my chin.

I almost dozed,
But for the tiny hands that began
Patting my face
And hair.
Then he giggled
And wiggled loose,
Running off
To explore
His brand new day.

And I thanked God
For such great pleasure
In being alive,
Awake, and aware
Of the marvellous gift –
This two-year-old bearer of joy
Whose soul reaches
Past every other part of
Who I am
To tap the well of profound love within me.

Grandson mine.
© Jean Hudson, 1997