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MM #45 – Create the Ultimate Sound Spa

Three Doctors give Three Statements that Suggest Music Can Soothe you like the Spa.

1. In 1959 a doctor named Teirich undertook one of the earliest studies into the therapeutic effects of music and vibration. He built a couch which contained loud speakers and which transferred vibration from J.S. Bach’s D minor Toccata and Fugue straight to the solar plexus. He used his fellow doctors as a subject group. They variously reported immediate warmth in the solar plexus, a feeling of complete relaxation in the stomach and a very pleasant dream-like state.

2. Alfred Tomatis found that the types of music in the frequency range from 500 to 8000 Hz promoted the greatest amount of relaxation.

3. The effects of music have even been researched on plant growth. Dorothy Retallack played rock to one group of plants and soothing music to another. The group that heard rock turned out to be sickly and small whereas the other group grew large and healthy. What was more surprising is that the group of plants listening to the soothing music grew bending towards the music source.

CREATE YOUR OWN SOUND SPA (have you ever tried this? So simple.  So restorative.)

a) find a quiet place where you can lean back for 10 – 20 minutes

b) use quality speakers and head phones

c) play 3 to 5 selections of music that are known to relax you (remember it is important that this music is music that affects you personally)

d) let the music WASH over you like a bath.

Jennifer Buchanan is a professional speaker, performer and happy owner of JB Music Therapy.  She is available to present at your next conference to inspire your audience with music that aims to make each moment more memorable.

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