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Why Group Music Therapy?

By now you are aware that there are two primary ways music therapy sessions are implemented a) individual sessions and b) group sessions. How do you know what is best for you?….well like with anything with music therapy it comes down to the goals you are hoping to achieve for yourself or your loved one, your budget, or the philosophy of your facility to support community, group or individual engagement.

Music Therapy can uniquely address certain needs that often remain unmet for individuals. Group music experiences creates bonding and a sense of community amongst clients – and extremely quick.  When a group connects significant change will happen for many (if not all) of the group members.

Here are 3 Examples of what GROUP MUSIC THERAPY CAN do:

  1. make you feel more present and relaxed at the same time
  2. can increase feelings of engagement
  3. improve hearing, speech and eye-hand co-ordination

Group music therapy can provide an environment for individuals to transform frustration and anger into the experience of creativity in active music making. The group musical environment can strip away many anxieties, and support uncomfortable moments, leaving a potential opportunity for group expression and self-exploration.

How do you decide if group music therapy is for you or for those you care about?

Just ask us! or any of the 1000’s of music therapists in the world.  

I have found much joy speaking to groups of front line workers, administrators, cancer survivors, educators, women’s groups and the general public on simple tips that can be used in their day to day life to effectively decrease their stress and boost their mood.  For some people these presentation reminders are all the music therapy they need – for others music therapy is a lifeline to better health and wellness.

If you or someone you know would benefit from this unique and successful therapy please do not hesitate to consult with a music therapist in your community.