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Music Therapy and Pregnancy

Music Activities: When Pregnant

Baby's and MusicJB Music Therapy is pregnant.  Well at least three of our staff are pregnant (or the husband of the one who is pregnant) so I have asked one of our Moms To Be to write for this month’s theme –  “Music for All”

Here is a play by play music prescription for your first, second and third trimester.  Each of these activities can be done alone or with your birthing partner.

FIRST Trimester
You know that you are pregnant, and this is a moment full of questions fears, expectations, and love. Music could be a great vehicle to create awareness, to work on and express these feelings.

Music, Letting go, and Drumming
This activity is to help you when you feel overwhelmed. Have paper, pencils (or art supplies) and an instrument like a drum or a cocking pot .etc

  • Sit comfortably in chair or lay on you left side, adjusting you posture with pillows
  • Breathe deep, being aware that you are sharing oxygen with the baby too
  • Play music that soothes you, at the perfect volume and let the music shower you from head to toe
  • When you feel ready, start to write or draw whatever is coming to your mind (don’t over analyze, don’t judge)
  • When you are done observe your drawing and ask yourself: do you have any concerns? is there something you need to let go of? what did you (or do you) need to express?
  • Get closer to your musical instrument and let your hands dance on the instrument expressing what is in your heart and mind, releasing tensions and concerns
  • When you feel done come back to your breathing and thank yourself for this time.
  • Thank your baby for the opportunity to get to know yourself better
  • Keep your writing/drawing to read again at a different time, staying aware of what you need to keep working on and what has been released

SECOND Trimester
Baby is moving and listening since week 19.

Listening and Loving
This activity is to help you connect with your baby.

  • Sit comfortably in chair or lay on you left side, adjusting you posture with pillows
  • Breathe deep, being aware that you are sharing oxygen with the baby too
  • When you feel relaxed, go back in time and remember your favorite lullaby and nursery song
  • Sing them with your inner voice and slowly when you feel ready start to hum the melody eventually singing all the words
  • Place your hands on your belly and dedicate this song to your baby as a play date, be aware of movement and you own feelings and sensations.
  • If you are engaged and feel like going deeper you can chose you favorite melody ( Ex twinkle twinkle little star) and improvise your own lyrics dedicated to your baby.

This could be your welcoming song when the baby is born.

THIRD Trimester

Birthing Playlist
This activity is to help you and the baby prepare for meeting one another.

  • Make your own play list with different qualities ( ex relaxing, uplifting , reminiscent, promotes movement, etc)
  • Sit comfortably in chair or lay on you left side adjusting your posture with pillows
  • When you feel truly relaxed talk to you baby about team work and working with music during the last weeks of pregnancy and labor, for a smooth and easy and short labor and birth (this will be the first of many requests for them to listen to us) .
  • Play the songs and observe and feel what the make you feel and what is the effect on the baby ( movement, relaxation , nothing, etc) based on your experience each time start to create your playlist for labor and birth.
  • Remember that you will need relaxation music and also energy and power music during the birthing time
  • Use this playlist often, try some movement with you active music playlist( ensure you ask your doctor what movements you can do) and use the relaxation playlist specially after a difficult day or after stressful situation. Practice!!!
  • Share with your birth partner the playlist and the intent for each one, and let him/her  help you during labor choosing the playlist together – your families playlist.


Author : Karina Szulc BMT,  Music Therapist and Mom to Be at JB Music Therapy

JB Music Therapy is a socially conscious, hard working, talented group of professionals who desire to make a difference.

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