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Get Tuned In!

final_mockupTune In: 2nd Edition – Revised and Expanded

A music therapy approach to life: use music intentionally to curb stress, boost mood and restore health.

Publication date: 2015 (Revised & Expanded), Hugo House Publishers

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Tune In from trailblazing Certified Music Therapist Jennifer Buchanan, details how music can be used intentionally by anyone, anywhere, at any time, with enormous benefit.

Combining powerful personal stories, cutting-edge clinical research, and straightforward strategies and exercises that have immediate take-home value, Tune In is an accessible and perspective-shifting read unlike any other that’s been written to date on the topic of music therapy. Intended to help readers from all walks of life learn how to use music to reduce stress, boost morale, and restore health, Tune In provides a roadmap to the incredible ways in which music can help us connect and find wellbeing – even (or especially!) in the darkest and most stressful of situations.

“Music can and does save healthcare dollars, but its effects go far deeper than its monetary value,” says Buchanan. 

Tune In is about people and the music-based practices that have worked for them, and gives actual strategies to use at home and at the office. The goal is simple: I want you to feel better, empowered, and uplifted through music!”

A useful, enlightening and ear-opening read, Tune In explores:

  • The “triggering” power of music – to emotional states both good and bad – and how to use this information to your advantage
  • Intentional listening: how to find the right tunes, and employ them at the right time in the right way
  • What music therapy is, and how working with a music therapist can change your perspective, wellbeing, and life
  • Simple, personalized strategies and exercises to get the most out of music


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