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Music Therapy Summer Camp

Rare Opportunity: Daily Music Therapy for a WEEK!

As music is such a powerful tool to open doors of communication, access emotions and to motivate change, great improvements are often seen in clients who receive music therapy once a week.  However, what if a client receives music therapy more than once a week, maybe for five days in a row?

Our Summer Camps present a rare opportunity for campers to be immersed in music therapy and the expressive arts for a full week.  Through music therapy,  as well as visual, sensory and kinesthetic experiences, we work on specific goals by giving campers as many opportunities to respond, explore, and learn as possible.  As you can imagine, great results are witnessed;

“I did want to express how much I believe that the camp has helped his communication skills.  Last week, the week after the camp, he has been initiating new words on his own, which is new.  I have heard how much music helps people with problems communicating and now I have seen it first hand.”   – Kate Train- parent

Meaningful themes such as; Magnificient Me,  My Body’s Special, If You’re Happy or Grumpy, My Place in the World, My Community are explored through fun activities with a non-musical purpose behind them. Campers are given opportunities to work on social skills, communication skills, to increase their self esteem and to explore and deepen their love of music.  Parents have also indicated JBMT summer camps have helped their child with transitions, turn taking skills and that post camp their child was calm and happy.  At the end of the week, we invite parents, caregivers, family members and friends to attend a musical performance, view campers artwork and share pictures of the week.

We run camps for preschoolers, elementary children and teens with special needs. As we allow a maximum of 10 campers in each camp, space is limited. Register Now!