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Private Practice Music Therapy Resources

Are you a Private Practice Music Therapist?!?! That is how we started and then grew into a Music Therapy Business with a team of 23.

We have been hearing a lot from you over the last few months and we hope we have been able to help – even a little.

We are in the process of putting together a webinar series for you but in the meantime, enjoy the infographics.  You may also be interested to know how we have promoted Returning to Work Safely Post-COVID and how we answered the question ‘Are We Allowed to Sing?’

If you looking for intensive Group Coaching or Private Coaching to support your private practice over the remainder of the summer and into the fall we have that too.  Our Health Entrepreneur’s HUB is a favourite. It is based on the book ‘Wellness Incorporated’ by our founder, Jennifer Buchanan.

We look forward to keeping in touch!