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Returning to Work Safely Post-COVID

JB Music Therapy is beginning to return to in-person work and we couldn’t be happier to see you! However, there are still many considerations and we are taking each of them very seriously.  This is our plan for returning to work and keeping our clients safe.  

Our team has been working virtually and seeing approximately 45% of our registered clients during the last few months. Just when we started figuring out the best tech, lighting, and interventions that would work online, BAM, we are heading back to in-person sessions.  

Music therapists are considered a non-restricted healthcare service in Alberta’s Phase 1 of Relaunch Plan.  

Therefore we have put together a plan. 

Primary considerations

  • Following our national and provincial guidelines for our profession.

  • Following the policies of the organizations we serve and making additional suggestions specific to music therapy.

  • Keeping an ear to the ground. We understand that during times of continuous new information, (like post-COVID) policies and procedures will continue to change.

  • Paying close attention to health officials and their recommendations.

Steps we are taking 

  • Completing a point of care risk assessment.  This is when we are assessing our treatment plans (interventions) with the patient and the environment we will be working in. Every unit, group home, or treatment room will be different and require a different setup and consideration.

  • Familiarizing ourselves with the necessary PPE equipment as set out by ministry guidelines. This will also include sanitizing and cleaning instruments and resources between sessions and sites. We will also be taking extra precautions with singing – read more about singing protocols here.

  • Determining our pre-screening procedures. If any one of our therapists travels or attends a gathering larger than the Ministry of Health guidelines,  they will self-quarantine for 2 weeks.

  • Staggering our entry based on the availability of therapist, client needs, requests, and/or readiness.  

  • Continuing with virtual sessions.  

  • Actively participating in self-care initiatives to ensure our well-being and your safety.