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Music Therapy is not about playing a maraca or shaking a tambourine!

“It’s difficult to put into words what’s happening, but I think that’s the way with music,” Klassen told the local reporter. “Every human has an innate musicality. Even someone who claims to not be a singer.”

And we do hear this a lot – “but I don’t make music” or “I can’t play.”  And the simple beauty of music therapy is truly – you don’t have to.  Music permeates many cells regardless of whether you are making it, or listening to it or just discussing it.  During group music therapy there are many opportunities to reflect upon our auditory diet, and how we feel about sounds, silences, certain bands, or styles of music. These music concepts are a direct metaphor into our daily life.

A trained music therapist’s goal is to ensure EVERY group member feels confident and better at the end of the session compared to how they started.  It is not about playing maracas or shaking a tambourine.  It is about identifying how music reaches into your core emotional state and helps change it to where you want to be – less stressed, more motivated, less sad, more uplifted etc.

Music Therapist’s across North America continue to facilitate sessions for diverse population groups.  Here are some videos you may be interested in to inspire you in your own practice or to validate your access of music therapy for yourself or for someone you love.  Remember to keep in mind…music is helping these individuals…. what can music do for you?  Contact your local music therapist and ask.