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Music Therapy at AHS

JB Music Therapy is a team of certified Music Therapists (MTAs) who collaborate, design and personalize therapy plans with their clients that will foster desired change to boost mood, decrease stress, improve speech or movement after injury, increase focus, develop learning, reduce anxiety, support self-expression, and recover lost memories. 

JB Music Therapy has been providing music therapy services to Alberta citizens since 1991 and Alberta Health Services since 2003.

MTAs support individuals going through difficult life transitions and moments of shift. Music acts as a medium for processing emotional experiences during trauma and grief while regulating and becoming a calming agent for improved feelings of satisfaction and wellness. It can boost mood and motivation after injury and support individuals with pain management and self-regulation while simultaneously acting as an agent to improve overall wellness.

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Music Therapists strengthen memory, mood and motivation neural pathways to support the patient in reaching their desired outcomes. Music Therapists will also help patients identify what these outcomes may be. Along with individual and group sessions, co-treatment with other allied health further enhances the meeting of goals by using a trans-disciplinary approach to care.

Thanks to The National Music Centre partnered with Calgary Health Trust, Music Therapy is currently offered weekly on the following units within the Calgary Health Zone:

Foothills Medical Centre:


      U21/22 – Mental Health

      U30/31 – Burn Treatment

      U47 – Palliative Care

      U58 – Neuro Rehabilitation

      U94 – CVICU

      U100 – Stroke

      U101 – Spine

      U111 – Acute Neuro

      U112 – Acute Neuro

South Health Campus


      U58 – Acute Inpatient Care

      U68 – General Medicine

      U78 – General Medicine

This program will also be expanding to the Peter Lougheed Centre and Rockyview Hospital within this next year.

“When words are not enough, let music start the conversation.” – Jennifer Buchanan