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Personal Sound Track

Listen Together and Improve the Happiness Quotient In Your Home

Personal Sound TrackListening to music together can be a wonderful way to connect two or more people together. When choosing the music ensure it is music that all parties appreciate or at least can discuss openly.

When on a speaking tour in the Netherlands I had the pleasure of visiting  Kathinka Poismon (Music Therapist Extraordinaire) and her family. Their idea of a good time on a Saturday night was sitting around the table after a delicious supper, a bottle of wine (or two), listening to samples of music from a huge music collection, and having the rest of the table guess the song they were playing….well you can imagine that singing ensued, laughter filled the home and the music took us all back to different stages of our past. It was such a memorable moment for me I am writing about it 6 years later with a huge grin on my face.

All you need is a decent library of music and someone willing to play through the songs – keeping the selections to fairly mainstream or at least fairly known to your group. It is much more fun when you at least have a shot at guessing the music.  Play each selection long enough that everyone gets a sense of the tune and has time to transport to the time when they first heard it or to a special memory. Be careful not to cut off the music too soon (unless it is causing too many groans and even then it might be a bit fun to play on). Let the memories and the music flow and boost the happiness quotient around your kitchen table!

Even though I was on Dutch terrain I was amazed at how much of the music we had in common.  I was also so pleased to be first introduced to Anouk (this is one of her latest songs)- one of my favourite vocalists to this day.

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