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JB Music Therapy announces new partnership with the Cornerstone Music Cafe

– bringing music therapy to the community heart of Deer Run.

JB Music Therapy (JBMT) announces their excitement to join the Cornerstone Music Cafe family as their primary music therapy provider starting September 2015.  This announcement will be made to the community of Deer Run during its 1st Annual Community Festival on Sunday June 28, 2015.


Students that want to participate in a music experience but do not feel traditional music lessons support their unique learning needs may find music therapy of benefit – especially those with autism, developmental learning challenges or mental health considerations.  At Cornerstone Music Cafe, JB Music Therapists will work with these students to help them reach their desired success.

There is much evidence to indicate that music therapy can improve mobility, memory, learning, and language. Music therapy is also used to decrease signs and feelings of depression, boost overall mood, reduce the perception of pain, and restore overall health.

JB Music Therapy has been providing music therapy services to the City of Calgary and surrounding towns since 1991.   Music therapy is an allied health profession and is used in health care, education systems, corporations and private residences/agencies.  Music therapy does not promote or require musical ability, but instead is a process of making, being affected by, and responding to music to address specific client goals. MTAs (Accredited Music Therapists) use music intentionally to help clients reach these individualized goals.

All registrations can be made directly with Cornerstone Music Cafe.

Whether you’re in for music lessons, music therapy or just need a place to relax the Cornerstone Music Cafe has created the perfect environment to help you relax and warm your heart.