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Exercise: Just Breathe

Music Therapy ExerciseBecause music is that intricate blend of sound and silence, what many don’t realize is how comforting the very sound of our breathing can be. If you are feeling overwhelmed, or perhaps feeling extra sensitive to sensory stimulation—if just leaving the house in the morning can feel like a challenge – here is a short exercise to use.


That’s it.

The research is clear that three deep breathes can reduce your fight or flight response. By breathing more deeply you can break the cycle of panic. Breathing exercises can help reduce tension and relieve stress, thanks to an extra boost of oxygen. While shallow breathing, a marker of stress, stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, deep breathing does the opposite and helps us to calm down.

What’s more, breathing exercises have been proven to support the systems that can be harmed by stress. A moment of silence with just deep breathing can reduce blood pressure and may even be able to change the expression of some genes. Everybody has an overwhelm point. It is different for everyone. Many of us just keep pushing through the stress but our goals of accomplishment and productivity become much harder to achieve in this state. With the simple act of three deep breathes anywhere you are, you are combating those stress responses and putting your body in a healthier place to better cope with whatever is to come.