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$10,000 for Music Therapy

X92.9 for Music Therapy
Fraser Tuff and Carly Meyers from X92.9 Morning Crew

Thanks to X929 for raising $10,000 for Music Therapy in December.

It was the annual XMAS Takeover! They played nothing but Christmas music (their listeners have alternative tastes) and didn’t stop until they raised $10,000 for The Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund – and in addition they sweetened the pot  –  for everyone who made a minimum $25 donation they were entered in to win a BIG GIANT Chocolate Santa and Hammer from Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut! It weighed over 30lbs.

X92.9 continues to boost the profile and explain the benefits of Music Therapy to the public across the country.

To read more on X92.9’s relationship with music therapy please click here.