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Where We Started – 25 Years Ago

JB Music Therapy had its beginnings in Surrey, British Columbia where Jennifer Buchanan visited her grandfather at a long-term healthcare facility; most of the time he would be unresponsive during these visits.  Prior to his stroke, Grandad was miserable and Jennifer did not feel connected to him, pre- or post-stroke.  Granny suggested that Jennifer learn Grandad’s favourite song and play it during an upcoming visit.    The following Friday, Jennifer played “The White Cliffs of Dover,” a famous wartime song by Vera Lynn.  Jennifer (and everyone else in the room) was surprised when a female patient, who would typically scream in the halls, entered Grandad’s room and began to sing along.  Another male patient, who typically wandered the halls, entered Grandad’s room and sat in a chair for almost an hour of music.  Jennifer’s grumpy grandfather cried and Granny arranged for Jennifer to return every week.

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Jennifer quickly came to realize the calming and therapeutic affects music can have on individuals.  This inspired her to later apply to the music therapy degree program in North Vancouver.  She was interested in learning more about how music could be used in healthcare to benefit individuals.  Further research offered proof that music has a powerful effect on one’s mood and behaviour and that it can be used to encourage emotional expression, promote social interaction, and relieve negative symptoms. The possibility to be in a career that offered people hope and connection was exactly what Jennifer wanted.

After completing her degree, Jennifer relocated to Calgary, Alberta where she founded JB Music Therapy and began her path of introducing music therapy to this young, vibrant city.  The demand happened immediately (right place, right time, right service) and eventually through word of mouth the company grew.   

Come Celebrate our 25th Anniversary with Us

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Today, JB Music Therapy is an award-winning Calgary-based company. JBMT is a team of Accredited Music Therapists (MTAs) who design treatment plans for people of all ages and abilities, to foster change: boost mood, decrease stress, improve speech after injury, increase focus, develop learning, lessen anxiety, and recover lost memories.

The mission of JB Music Therapy is to transform lives through excellence in clinical practice and education.

wellness, well-played: strengthening people one note at a time

Every staff member recognizes they are contributing to something greater than the one individual served; client to family to community (ripple effect).  It is JBMT’s intention to highlight the best part of every client. Our aim is that every Music Therapist uses their expertise, often exceeding expectations, to enhance the lives they serve with greater reach and impact into the community.


  • Jennifer you and your team mates make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of many. Thank you for what you give. You are all inspiring.

  • Congratulations Jennifer!

    Wow 25 years of sharing the Joy of Music! We are so proud of you!

    Smiles )))) & Laughter
    Cheryl & Kerry Oberg

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