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TUNE IN BOOK TOUR – October and November

tune_in_cover(new) - Version 2During the months of October and November we will be working with Sarah from Smith Publicity to reach more people in the public with TUNE IN and sharing strategies for using music with greater intention for our health and wellness.

TUNE IN (2nd Edition – Revised and Expanded)  is an exploration of what can happen when we use music intentionally to better our health.  

It is a mix of personal stories, real-life examples, interactive exercises, tops and checklists, all designed for the person who is looking for inspiration and a boost to feeling better.

When we experience the right music, in the right way, transformation can happen – improved wellness, a boost in motivation, overall feelings of happiness, and stronger communities.

“Through Jennifer’s career she discovered five areas where music helps to change someone’s emotional state in a positive way. Music can: focus and distract; connect and celebrate: motivate and relax; evoke memories and enhance new experiences; and tap into feelings and entertain. The premise of the book is to use music intentionally. Jennifer’s personal mission is to help people recognize the positive sounds in their lives. She illustrates how sounds and silence and not just music, evoke positive and negative feelings. This author provides stories about different types of sounds and the related associations across the life span. To use music intentionally includes increasing awareness of and recognizing auditory triggers. Then the quest is to decrease the negative triggers and increase the positive triggers to improve well-being.” – BC  Art Therapy Review


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