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Shine Through Your Music

by Kelsi McInnes, BMT, MTA, Director of Special Projects at JBMT

Have you ever felt that rush of exhilaration when you’ve set out to do something challenging and accomplished your goal?  Perhaps it was finishing a hike that you weren’t sure you could or presenting at a work function in front of all your co-workers…. whatever it was, it felt great when it was over and you felt pride in your accomplishment and hard work that got you to that point.

We all need those moments in life to keep us inspired to try new things, extend our limits and explore ourselves.  For our clients, one of the ways they can experience this is by performing their musical talents for their peers, family and community.  Not only does this bring communities together in support of each other, increasing positive social interactions, and creating safe spaces where emotions can be expressed, but on a strictly physical level… its just good for us!  Positive endorphins are created and released when we experience music of our liking and having the ability to make that music for ourselves is a gift, let alone to those who receive it.

Sure, it may be nerve-racking to prepare and think about all those people watching, but the sensation of pride and self-love afterwards is truly motivating.  Seeing a client’s face after they have finished giving a performance with all they have is a moment that is not easily forgotten.  Overcoming that nervousness or anxiety strengthens our coping methods and teaches us that good can come from situations that at first may appear uncomfortable.  It’s all about perspective… and learning to choose and facilitate a positive one is a life lesson that we can all benefit from.

Not everyone wants the chance to perform for others, but those that do can really learn so much about themselves.   The process of selecting a piece to learn, taking the time to practice and cultivate the required talents as well as building up the self-confidence to perform is no easy task.  But one that our clients take on wholeheartedly and with such enthusiasm that it warms to the core.  Night of Song is our clients next opportunity to “shine”… wouldn’t it be great if we all learned to shine a little brighter!