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Resources and Considerations for Online Music Therapy

Here is how JB Music Therapy is advertising Online Music Therapy with the public:

Considerations for Certified Music Therapists:

  • Clearly indicate to your clients and the public the difference between music therapy and an online or live streamed concert
  • Clearly indicate to your clients and the public the scope of online music therapy and the services you are providing in this format
  • Clearly communicate to your clients the goals and objectives targeted in your online music therapy sessions

Why Online Music Therapy?

  • cost-effective
  • helping manage mental health
  • continue building relationship
  • maintain memory and social goals

Best Online Music Therapy Platforms (HIPAA Compliant)

ONLINE Music Therapy Interventions

  • Lyric Analysis and Lyric Re-Write

  • Therapeutic Songwriting

  • Guided Movement (to pre-recorded or live music)

  • Guided Breathing/Relaxation Exercises

  • Music Listening coupled with Counselling

Some tips:

  • Look online for scripts for guided breathing and relaxation exercises! Record yourself speaking them aloud and listen back to practice tone and pacing

  • Create therapeutic songwriting templates and lyric re-write templates ahead of time – print off copies to be thrown away after the session or send a digital copy to a client prior to the online session!

  • When doing lyric analysis – select a couple of songs based on a specific theme and give your client(s) the option to select which one resonates most strongly with them

  • When engaging in guided movement in an online session – utilize music that is simple and repetitive in the event of any glitches in bandwidth!

  • “Enable Original Sound” function on Zoom for Music Mode! 

Other Resources for Music Therapists:

  1. Music Therapy Resources list compiled by US music therapists
  2. – many free resources for mindfulness and coping with stress 
  3. Headspace – free mindfulness resources and toolkit

Sample Set Ups :