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Remembrance Day with Captain Becky Watson

IMG_54541On November 11 I was missing one of our favourite experiences of the year – providing music at Carewest Colonel Belcher in Calgary – a reverent service to honour veterans of all ages.  

This year I was asked by a special group from the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) to participate in their inaugural Leadership Academy.  Although a difficult decision the opportunity to connect with my American colleagues was an opportunity I had wanted to have for quite some time.  I packed my poppy and headed off to Kansas City. I didn’t know I was about to meet so many amazing people, including one of the most interesting…

Owner and Operator of Music for Wellness, Becky Watson provides music therapy services and is one of the rare women to become a Navy Captain. Today Becky uses her skills as a certified Music Therapist to support many – including veterans in Virginia.

Raised on a farm in Kansas, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics at Bethany College and an MBA from Troy State in Norfolk, VA.   During Becky’s 25 year Navy career (you would never know her age by looking at her and experiencing her energy), she lead, mentored, and coached hundreds of sailors, civilians and contractors while managing millions of dollars and providing operational logistics.  After serving her country, she chose to continue serving others with her passion of music.  She completed multiple training programs in facilitation of drumming, keyboard, and a degree in Music Therapy plus a 6 months internship at Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, VA.

It was an honour to meet her on November 11 and to stand alongside her in remembrance on Veteran’s Day.

JB Music Therapy is honoured to work with many war veterans of all ages. This video with Neil, a 97 year old war veteran is a special memory of ours. He fought at the front lines during WWII – and although he loved this country this video demonstrates where his real love fell. __________________________________________________

Jennifer Buchanan, BMT, MTA is the happy owner of JB Music Therapy and Author of TUNE IN: Use Music Intentionally to Curb Stress, Boost Morale and Restore Health. Our “Music Speaks” Blog aims to inspire you to use music with greater intention and knowledge.