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Our Fit for Work Policies and Procedures

JB Music Therapy’s coordinated response in a COVID-19 world – ensuring safety and care for our clients and team. 

As COVID-19 transmissibility evolves, and the number of Albertans who are vaccinated increases, Alberta Health has adapted, relaxed or removed many of the health measures. 

Preventing the spread of infection, ensuring the public has access to music therapy services, and helping our clients reach their physical and emotional health goals are our top priorities.

This information has been prepared to assist our organization in maintaining best care and safety practices as we continue to serve our clients in a variety of settings throughout Alberta. We continue to monitor the Government of Canada, Alberta Health Services and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta guidelines in order to strengthen our own path.

Routine practices for in-person sessions in all locations we serve:

  • Although indoor masking is no longer a provincial requirement JB Music Therapists will continue to wear a mask at all times, assess comfortable distancing and when appropriate will continue to use barriers (ie. plexiglass, face shield).
  • Whether the clients are required to mask, or not, will be at the discretion of the organizations we serve.
  • We will not refuse services if any client cannot, or will not, wear a mask.
  • We recognize that all the environments we work in may be deemed on outbreak (COVID-19 included) at varying times during the year as defined by Alberta Health Services. We will work with each organization to continue providing music therapy services during these times in a safe manner (e.g. with heightened PPE, on another unit, or online).
  • We know that even those who are fully vaccinated can still acquire, carry and transmit COVID-19. We also understand that clients who are not fully vaccinated, clients without recent COVID-19 test results, and clients who indicate that they cannot, or will not, wear a mask in the facility we serve can still be seen safely in person. As a mobile healthcare provider, we adhere to the CPSA’s Infection Prevention and Control General Standards (please note we see our instruments as medical devices in this case). 

Routine practices for when a JB Music Therapist feels unwell:

JB Music Therapists will not go to work in-person if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been informed they have been in close contact (been in the proximity of the person without wearing PPE) with someone with COVID-19.  The music therapist will then get a PCR test. To get a PCR (molecular) test we will:

If we test positive:

  • We will self-isolate as per AHS guidelines
  • Follow facility guidelines about a return to in-person work and/or the isolation period is over.

If we test negative:

  • Stay home
  • Monitor for new symptoms – if yes, a second PCR test may be taken
  • Monitor household contacts for symptoms
  • Return to in-person work when you are feeling well enough/symptoms have resolved and/or the isolation period is over.

Transitioning to online sessions when the music therapist is being tested for COVID-19, in isolation or has tested positive for COVID-19:

  • Should the music therapists feel well enough to work they will coordinate alongside the facility and clients to provide online sessions. Our Head of Operations will be contacted for additional support and guidance as required.
  • Return to in-person work when feeling well enough/symptoms have resolved, and/or isolation period is over.

When our Music Therapists Travel:

  • Music therapists returning from international travel are required to adhere to federal re-entry and testing requirements.  
  • Music therapists will still use heightened caution if they return to work within 10 days of their return. Heightened caution may include heightening PPE, maintaining physical distancing from patients and staff, working from home and continuous masking.