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A Music Therapist Helps a Youth Recover from Feelings of Being Bullied

Emily is 16 years old and over the past few months has disengaged from her peers and family members.  It has come to the attention of her foster mom that she was being terribly bullied at school.  The bully has since moved to a different educational system however, Emily has changed. She is quieter, less expressive and not wanting to leave the house.

GOAL – To help Emily feel more confident and safe, bringing her back to how she was feeling only a few short months ago.


  • That being bullied can have severe deep-seated emotions tied to it.
  • That once a persons confidence has cracked it takes time to rebuild.
  • That the right music – based techniques, at the right time, in the right way can help youth express themselves, promote a sense of safety and instil feelings of self-confidence and self-worth. 

STRATEGIES FOR CONSIDERATION – As a relationship develops the music therapist will explore several music therapy interventions to support and strengthen Emily.  These may include (but not be limited to): 

  • Music-Based Counselling Questions – these questions will assist the music therapist in learning about Emily’s history – the good, the bad and the difficult while Emily engages the therapist on a topic that is familiar to her.
  • Songwriting – a forum for Emily to express her feelings and experiences – where she was, where she is, and where she would like to be.
  • Music Making – Emily explores a variety of instruments and percussion – giving an opportunity to learn something new, step out from where she is feeling stuck – all the while increasing opportunities for self-expression.