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Music, Moments and Gratitude – a New Music Therapy Video

I have had a wonderful summer and am consciously striving to not take these days for granted.   Having the opportunity to spend time with my family and friends and going on an incredible Alaskan running cruise …well it can’t get any better than that.  Usually at this time of year the dryness fades most of the green to brown so being able to run, bike or walk through a field of grass and wild flowers is a small but important reminder of the great place we live.  After 19 years of being a music therapist my clients continue to teach me gratitude and daily thanksgiving be it for the weather (I am one of those that actually enjoys the rain – BC roots et al), my family (those here and past), my job (I know how good it is) or just a great bath with bubbles that I can sit in any day of the week.

I have written about ARBI before – the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured.  I have been inspired to be grateful by the clients served at this agency. Triathletes, Parents, Farmers, University Students are just some of the people that now deal with the day to day copings of their body not doing all the things it once could. These clients have contributed to helping me do something I at one time found so difficult  – to honestly appreciate the little things.

Last year a music therapy documentary in support of the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund was released by Hell Creek Productions. Scott Rondeau the Director and Producer of this project highlighted music therapy programs throughout Canada including the Yukon.  ARBI was the music therapy setting in Calgary.

During the taping we decided to do songwriting as a means to highlight each individual including their hopes for their future.  One young man wrote that he hoped to “walk” again.  He wanted his song to be upbeat and determined.  Then I was introduced to what Mike wrote….or should I say wanted to write… is the video to show you what happened next:

Inhale the beautiful moments.  Happy Summer and send me a note anytime.