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Music Helps Us Pause – and Remember Veterans

Neil, a WWII Veteran  – A man who demonstrated love of country, music, a good joke, and his dear wife Vera.

I have had the honour of working with many war veterans over the last two decades.  This time of year gives all of us an opportunity to pause and remember together.

Introducing Neil, a 97 year old war veteran, and his song during a music therapy session. 

CREATED BY: Dan Clovis



Jennifer Buchanan, BMT, MTA is the happy owner of JB Music Therapy and Author of TUNE IN: Use Music Intentionally to Curb Stress, Boost Morale and Restore Health. Our “Music Speaks” Blog aims to inspire you to use music with greater intention and knowledge and to hire us as required or purchase our products.


  • Wow, Jennifer! Watching this Music Therapy video, moved me to tears. What a strong connection there is to music and memories. You are an amazing woman, to be able to tap into Neil’s memories through your music therapy! So proud of you!

    • Thanks for the comment Jennifer. You are right those musical-memory connections are so strong.

  • Jennifer this story brings tears to me. The gift of music is so beneficial in so many ways. By listening to what you and his daughter said and seeing his facial expression, I know that it is not just “fun” for those that you and your team work with, but “learning”. Thank you

    • Such lovely note Kathy – thank you for taking the time to watch this video.

  • A great reminder of the power of music and timely too!. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with, and serving “Those who have served” and can testify to the positive effects that you mention in this video. Thanks for sharing this story and video.

    • Thanks John.

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