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MM#48 – The Juice to Boost Your Productivity

I am completely exhausted with at least 6 loads of laundry to do and after a full day of work today I will be taxiing my two children to separate events for the evening.  As you can imagine and perhaps even relate to, anything to give a boost to my productivity (and frankly my mood) is more than welcome during these hectic times.

I have just turned on my favourite playlist, one that I can always count on to inspire me and help me through.  Some elite athletes use music as a legal drug (in their terms) and as a recognized means of improving their performance by up to 15%.  A LEGAL DRUG !  is music truly that powerful?

Research in business seems to also support such a claim. For example, a trial where 75 out of 256 workers at a large retail company were issued with personal stereos to wear at work for four weeks showed a 10% increase in productivity for the headphone wearers. Other similar research conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois found a 6.3% increase when compared with the no music control group.

Research is quite clear on this point: if music improves your mood then your productivity will also be improved. So if we accept that music does increase productivity, does it matter what types of music we listen to? Does all music have the same effect or are certain types better in certain circumstances?  The answer: our body’s reaction to the music we choose to listen to, be it toes tapping, improved focus or inspired creativity are the key indicators that the music is working.

Clinical findings suggest that it is not necessarily music with an upbeat tempo and a strong back beat that can make you want to move faster or more efficiently. It comes down to choosing music that INSPIRES you to do so.  That means that any music can give you a productivity jolt: classical,  jazz, drumming or a favourite rock ballad of yours that you have loved since the 1980’s.

Music That Inspires YOU = Boost in Mood = Improved Productivity

What is your MUSIC JOLT?

Jennifer Buchanan is a professional speaker, performer and happy owner of JB Music Therapy.  She is available to present at your next conference to inspire your audience with music that aims to make each moment more memorable.

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