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MM#43 – The Musical Brain – Part III

Our company organized an “open mic” for persons with disabilities who chose to display their musical growth and talent in front of an audience filled with loving friends and family. Some of the performers have autism and/or autistic tendencies. One young woman who performed had been told that she would never be able to learn anything.  Not talk, walk, read, or any of the other things that we all take for granted.  Not only did she perform two pieces of music….she read every note.

As we continue to discuss music therapy at a professional and community level many more questions will be considered in the area of using music as therapy.  There are however some things we know for sure. As the professor of music at Harvard Kay Shelemay states, “All humans come into the world with an innate capability for music.” Perhaps for some it may just take extra time, patience and professional support to unlock the musical brain.

Note from Jennifer: I find science fascinating and frankly am grateful to the work of the researchers who give me the proof /validation of what I have witnessed clinically for many years.  However what is even more important to me is that music doesn’t just change people or make them better, it can tap into what is good in them all along.

Jennifer Buchanan is a professional speaker, performer and happy owner of JB Music Therapy.  She is available to present at your next conference to inspire your audience with music that aims to make each moment more memorable.

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