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MM#34 – Music Inspires Successful Business Practices

It Comes Down to the Little Things

  • Purchase the resources required for each camp day
  • Hire a cohesive team that challenges each other to do their absolute best every day
  • Request a comprehensive evaluation from key stakeholders at the end of each camp for quality assurance
  • Prepare a thorough report for families that clearly articulates the growth of each child.  This report is coupled with a hand-shake (or a hug) and a thank you for the opportunity to serve their child.
  • Present a warm smile to greet each parent and child when they first come to our door

This is just a random list of the procedures we have for our summer camps now completed for one more year. We have lists well…for pretty much everything.

Yes, it is true that music is a creative, fluid process that sparks unplanned responses but over the years we have learned that logistics need to be less creative and less fluid – they need to be strong and followed through with vibrant consistency.

So where can we learn how to create sound and successful procedures….well some of my teachings comes from a good song. Below are some brief examples.

  1. Keep it simple (the songs we remember most have a simple hook that keep us coming back for more)
  2. Repeat important information (just like in a good song, the chorus is repeated until it hits home and becomes  a part of the listener)
  3. Emotionally connect to the person and you may have their heart forever (convey your message with the right amount of emotion – it will absorb more deeply)
  4. Take time with your language selection (words can detract from or enhance a song or procedure)

The next time you have to give direction, develop a new process,  meet with a co-worker about an important issue use the principles behind a good song…keep it simple, repeat important information, emotionally connect and take time with your language selection.

Jennifer’s Music-Centered Keynote Presentations focus on bringing music to the foreground, using it with intention and improving your work and home life.


JB Music Therapy is thrilled to have been providing successful procedures and programs for 20 years as of NEXT WEEK!!

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