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MM#29 – Musicians Do It Better

Retain what they hear, of course.

A musician retains 17% more of heard information than the average person, who retains only 10% to 25% of what’s heard.

And we know kids’ brains are like sponges, thirsty for information.  With that much brain activity going on – children can’t help but thrive as they learn, play, laugh and discover the world of music.

And as adults, I don’t know about you, but with losing my keys on a regular basis it is nice to know that my hearing may be a bit more retentive than my memory.

I tell the adults that I work with, that learning music when you are long past childhood is a wonderful way to develop new neuro networks.  And when adults learn simple songs on the piano or guitar they always sound better than when children are first learning the same songs – this is because of the emotional addition we add into each note – emotion that can only come from life experience.