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MM#14 – Frustrated? Music Can Help.

Imagine a particularly stressful day.  A day when you feel overwhelmed and perhaps frustrated with home, work and life.  You open your front door at the end of a long day and are grateful that no one else is home.  You go to your favourite place to sit where you can relax and begin to unwind. Suddenly you remember that you have a critical appointment and need to leave in 15 minutes in order to make it.

If music could magically turn on in your home to help you move, what music would you choose?  What music would motivate you enough so you could overcome your tired state?

As we have already discussed in this blog, music can open doors and close others.  In this case music sparks an inner working system that can jolt us into action. Whatever piece you have selected inspires you in some degree and not only affects your mind but can also  affects physical changes – changing you enough that you move to action.  I have heard many responses to this scenario from reggae, to rock and roll to soothing classical.

It comes down to what inspires you.  It is extremely preferential.  What will motivate you will not necessarily motivate someone else in the same way.

Unlike other health care alternatives that help people get well.  Music taps into what has been well in us all along.

It is a reminder of when we have been at our best. Or it finds the best in us if we have yet to discover it.  It strengthens our inner being even when our outer being may feel afflicted by illness.  And it does so in a very similar way for all persons – regardless of age or ability.


Jennifer Buchanan is the happy owner of JB Music Therapy, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2011. Our “Music Speaks” Blog: 50 Musical Motivators for 2011 (MMs) aims to Help you Relax, Reflect and Remember what you Value Most