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Moving Forward in Car

Let Music Help You Move Forward

Moving Forward in CarOur team of therapists met last week to inspire one another before our New Year!  To do that we started at the crux of what makes our services “therapy” – and that is reviewing our intentions towards reaching our client’s chosen goals and aspirations.

Now this may just sound like a lot of words strung together (which upon reading it again it really was) but that concept of taking music and using it with intention to reach goals is vital in our work – and as soon as we stop…we are not helping our clients go anywhere.

Music fan or not, research suggests indulging in music can help us move forward….to more productivity, more motivation, to improve that fitness goal or in some of our client’s cases – rid of  their discomforts when being around others, improve their speech that may have been lost through a stroke, or just feel better about themselves.

The right music can help all of us focus and remove barriers that get in the way – like negative self-talk, low self-esteem, no safe place to practice. Music Therapy gives us a safe and fun place to practice and develop our skills every week.  Numerous studies from Costas Karageorghis (associate professor of sport psychology at Brunel University in England) has found that music can boost your resistance to uncomfortable moments…where you are feeling like life is one big struggle – like during exercise – and don’t we all feel that at some point in our life.  That feeling of “I want to change” but “It’s just too hard” or better yet ” I don’t know how to do it.”

The bottom line is that the intentional use of music can remove barriers for pretty much anyone. But in order for music to move you forward you must decide where you want to go.  So let’s start with these two questions:

Question 1 : Where do you want to go?

Question 2 : When you think about listening to your favourite song where does music take you already?

So when you meet your music therapist this month tell them where you want to go (nicely of course) and I can assure you they will work with you to put together the perfect program plan to get you there.


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Jennifer Buchanan, BMT, MTA
President of JB Music Therapy and Author of  TUNE IN