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A Playlist for Mental Health

This ‘Music & Mental Health’ playlist has been specially curated by 18 Certified Music Therapists (MTAs).  This playlist is a short list of the most frequently selected songs, chosen by our therapists and clients at JB Music Therapy (Calgary, Canada), that they feel promotes inspiration, motivation and comfort between therapy sessions.  

This playlist is NOT a prescription for mental health. There is no one prescription for your mental health nor for using music.  Different needs, experiences, and cultural backgrounds will all play a part in our preferences and how music works therapeutically in our lives.  If you want to learn or gain support on how to purposefully use, and leverage music (including songs, tempo, use of voice, breathing, and instruments – just to name a few) to achieve your desired goals and outcomes, a Music Therapist is trained to help.  

Research shows that the right resources (in this case music), with the right people in our lives (professionals and friends), can ease the burden and lead to better days.

We hope this playlist inspires you to create your own personalized ‘Music & Mental Health.’  If, and when, you need a hand do not hesitate to reach out to a Certified Music Therapist in your community.

Available on both Apple Music and Spotify.