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5 Ways Music Helps During the COVID-19 Pandemic

At JB Music Therapy – we know that MUSIC HELPS. As we distance ourselves from one another in an act of compassion and protection –  we want to affirm that we can connect, share, and create online – exploring new ways that we can feel connected. We are all in this together, and we are #bettertogether.  Here are 5 ways music can help during a COVID (or any) crisis (#5 is probably our favourite).

1. Music can connect us to ourselves and our stories! 

JB Music Therapy has created a FREE webinar to help you put together purposeful playlists –  Check outYour Song’ – Designing Purposeful Playlists 

Use your current platform to explore NEW music and to generate new playlists:

  1. Spotify
  2. Apple Music 
  3. Bandcamp Weekly: Hear new artists every week! 
  4. Google Play

2. Music can help boost our creativity and curiousity!

Perhaps you already play an instrument – now might be a great time to reconnect with that instrument, whatever it is – in a new way. Perhaps you’ve never even touched an instrument – or simply want to explore something new! There are many innovative apps out there you can utilize to create interesting sounds, or to explore composing and arranging your own music – most with no music technology or performance experience required! Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Model D minimoog synthesizer
  • Korg Kaossilator
  • Acapella
  • Djay
  • AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer
  • Music Maker JAM
  • Beat Maker
  • Bandlab
  • Bloom HD ($)
  • Groovebox
  • Garageband (iOs only)
  • Chordify

3. Music can give us the opportunity to try something new like making DIY instruments and exploring their unique sounds!

There are tons of resources online to create home-made instruments with objects you already have lying around the home! Here are 52 of our favourite ideas.

4. Music can help us socialize and relax – even during a time of social isolation.

Check-out these free online concerts and amazing community music moments.

  1. A live concert with Calgary’s own Jann Arden!
  2. Free Nightly Online Concerts From One Of The World’s Top Orchestras
  3. Get Inspired by the community music being shared throughout the world during a time of crisis

5. Music can help us process and decrease stress – try online music therapy!

Here are some examples of what can be addressed during your online sessions with your dedicated therapist:

  • Purposeful playlist creation for mood support
  • Active listening to familiar and preferred songs to evoke positive mood states
  • Music interactions to support social engagement
  • Songwriting for self-expression
  • Music and movement exercises for rehabilitation
  • Guided relaxation to ease anxiety and stress
  • Counselling to support you through life transitions

Each intervention will be assessed in the moment to ensure maximum benefit and safety for the client (s).

These are the same high-quality, reliable MT services we provide in person but with the added convenience and flexibility of scheduling face-to-face meetings with your therapist no matter where you are!

Online music therapy is a great choice if you are traveling, have mobility issues or if you live outside of the Calgary area but would still like to work with one of the certified music therapists on our team.

To learn more or to register for this service please visit OR contact your JB Music Therapist directly to coordinate sessions!