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Dave Rodwell

Jennifer your performance at the D42 Toastmasters National Conference was simply spectacular. It has been a long time since I have seen a speaker connect with an audience as well as you did this morning. You had them laughing and crying and the message was beautiful. You have crafted one of the best presentations I have seen and I have seen a number. One of your best traits was the ability to adlib to meet the situations that were happening in the crowd of about 500 people. Outstanding job, and I highly recommend to any organization that want a dynamic speaker with a positive message.

David Rodwell, D.E. Rodwell Investigative Services Ltd.

Judy Arnall

Jennifer is a fabulous speaker who is engaging, warm and humorous. She is comfortable with any size of crowd and has the wonderful knack of putting people at ease and making them feel like a million dollars. I’m in awe of her confidence and immense knowledge of her subject.

Judy Arnall, Bestselling Author of: “Discipline Without Distress” and “Plugged-In Parenting”



Patricia Morgan

If you want your heart to lightly beat, yet soar invite Jennifer and her music to your next event. She radiates joy in her step and voice.

Patricia Morgan, Solutions for Resilience, Owner




Brian Lee

Jennifer is one on Canada’s most talented music therapists and inspirational platform presenters. She brings a rare combination of musical expertise and insights into human motivation, which makes her one of the most in-demand and dynamic communicators in the speaking profession today.

Brian Lee CSP, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Custom Learning Systems Group Ltd



Dr. Sarah Eaton

Jennifer’s professionalism is truly outstanding. The only thing that outshines it is her capacity to understand what others need and then proceed to provide it for them in exactly the way they need it, using language that makes sense to them. She has a rare combination of business acumen coupled with an innate sense of how to help others succeed. I recommend Jennifer’s work as a speaker, facilitator and professional wholeheartedly. Once this woman touches your life, you’ll never forget her.

Sarah Elaine Eaton, PhD, Founder and Chief E-learning Strategist at Exceptional Webinars

Jennifer(JB Music) has become a “brand name” within the special needs community and organizations within Calgary. Her expert knowledge and skill is only one of her many great abilities in the area of Music Therapy. She has created an outstanding team of staff to represent JB Music and this is evident in the therapy that is provided to all of their clients, not only do they gets lots of smiles and enjoyment from all their clients, but results at the same time. The reason that JB Music and its staff are so successful is because of the kind, friendly, energetic and supportive individual Jennifer is. Her passion and dedication is what makes a difference to each and everyone of her clients and business partners. It has been a pleasure working with Jennifer and I look forward to a continued relationship with her in the future.

Joanne Dorn, Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta