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Community Partners

Fundraising Partner for Music Therapy

Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund
– supporting Music Therapy programs across Canada
– a music therapy exchange for children coping with grief and loss in Africa and Canada

Our Collaborative Partners and People We Love to Hang Out With

Diversified Leisure Services
– Recreation Therapy
Creative Arts and Integrative Therapies Research Network
– Creative Arts Research
Professional Parenting
– Keeping Us Sane as Parents
Dogma Training and Pet Services
– Care for Our Pets
Voice Care Foundation,
– Voice Care for Singers and Speakers
Cantos Music Foundation,
– (National Music Centre) – Tours for Schools and Seniors available
The Between Friends Club of Calgary
– Evening Music Programs for Persons with Disabilities
Guitar O.R. – fixing all things stringed
BangaBeat Music Therapy Centre in Winnipeg

Training Centres

Canadian Approved Music Therapy Training Schools
– Become a Music Therapist
Prairie Institute for Expressive Arts Therapies
– Expressive Arts Therapy Training/Certification
Rocky Mountain Play Therapy
– Play Therapy Training/Certification

Connecting You to What You Need in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Children’s Link Society
– access point of information for families of children with special needs in Calgary and Area
Calgary Seniors Clubs and Organizations

Music Entertainment that Makes a Difference

Sarah Vann
– smart, well-crafted pop music
Lisa Jacobs
– bass player for several groups in the Calgary area
Shannon Robinson
– thoughtful songwriter and singer

Music Therapy Associations/Practitioners/MT Companies

Canadian Association for Music Therapy
American Music Therapy Association
Australian Music Therapy Association
British Society for Music Therapy
Creative Music Therapy Solutions
– (Resources and Music Aides)
Nordic Journal of Music Therapy
Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy
Whole Note Music Therapy
– (Windsor, Ontario)
Sound Connections
– (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Music Therapy Tunes

Other Helpful Sites

WorldMed Assist – thanks Brittany for sharing this resource