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The Gift of Music Therapy

The Gift of Music Therapy offers a means to sponsor music therapy in Calgary.

In 2021 JB Music Therapy is celebrating its 30th anniversary.  We continue to serve many settings including hospitals, group homes, long-term care centres and schools – to name a few. 

Regardless of age, ability, affluence, or current circumstance, we believe there is no more efficient and effective way to support a person’s health and well-being than through music therapy.

While every music therapy session will be different, and there is no one prescription, music therapists address many goals including:

  1. lessen stress and anxiety
  2. develop focus and productivity skills
  3. increase social interaction in a safe and inclusive environment
  4. improve capacity for learning and attention
  5. boost confidence and feelings of self-worth

Step 1

Select the number of sessions you wish to purchase for a loved one or a deserving member of our community.


Step 2

Who this gift is for? Please enter the name of the individual or organization.

Then confirm your purchase through PayPal.

You will be contacted after your purchase to confirm all the details.

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How Music Therapy Makes an Impact

Your Gift of Music Therapy will provide individuals or groups with financial constraints access to music therapy sessions in 2021.

Even one music therapy session can make a difference to an individual or group.  Watch Neilā€™s video.

Learn about Music Therapy and how it can significantly improve the quality of life of an individual living with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Bonus Gift of Tune In

When you make a purchase (of any size), email a screenshot of your receipt with “GIFT BONUS” in the subject line and receive an e-copy of Tune In (and complimentary workbook), that includes many stories on how music therapy has transformed lives, of all ages and abilities, one note at a time.

Use music intentionally to curb stress, boost mood & restore health. A Music Therapy Approach to Life.