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Staff Training and Support

These presentations are offered online and/or in-person. 

Your organization and workforce have been affected by the global pandemic.  You feel overwhelmed, stuck and concerned for your patients, students, your staff and those whom you love.

You know witnessed how music can, and does, make a difference but besides just putting on the radio you are not quite sure what to do. 

After this 1- hour training (you can request longer) and support session you will better understand what music actually does, be more connected to your music, and learn effective techniques for using music on a day to day basis to help you better cope – especially over these next few weeks and beyond. 

Music for Mental Health: Sometimes Words Are Not Enough

In this presentation, we will explore the connection between music and mental health, explaining why music’s power may hold more potential than we realize.

Learn how music can become a communication bridge, one that can help individuals express and process their greatest life challenges, stressful transitions, and at times, an unexpected health crisis.

  • Hear encouraging case studies that demonstrate how music can reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety when used with intention.
  • Learn the research and clinical evidence of how music supports our mental health and wellness.
  • Gain practical strategies to strengthen your wellness at home and work that restore your productivity and positive spirits. 

Working for almost 3 decades as a music therapist, specializing in mental health, I have worked with some of society’s most vulnerable including at-risk youth, individuals post-brain injury, the incarcerated, as well as those moving through other stressful transitions including dementia and end of life care. 

What each of these environments has taught me is that mental health is a part of all of us.  And just like our physical health, it needs to be cared for on a regular basis.  There is no better way I know of than through the power of music.  This presentation will show you the way.

Design Purposeful Playlists for your Health and Well-Being

Behind every favourite song is an untold story. During this presentation, we will dig deeper into the power of music for our mental health and dig deeper into a well-known strategy for our well-being – creating purposeful playlists.

Many have witnessed the benefits of music to enhance performance, improve mood or to ease stress.  Streaming services suggest the most popular motivational genres but there is so much more science to it than this. With a Music Therapist as your coach you will learn to find the right music for you to use intentionally to help elevate your goals whatever they may be:

  • increase productivity
  • improve performance
  • decrease stress
  • feel safe and connected
  • improve memory
  • find your happiness again

As we all know technology has changed enough over the last decade to allow us to take our entire music library with us and to arrange it into playlists for particular goals. Because music can now be “on-demand,” –  it makes the creation of purposeful playlists accessible and simple and if done right….helpful to our health and well-being.

For some, generating playlists can seem quite daunting, especially when people see the endeavor as one that takes time and money. However, although it does take both those things – time and money – the benefits absolutely far outweigh the costs.