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Presentations, Workshops and Webinars

These presentations are offered online and/or in-person. Contact us for prices and to book us for your next annual general meeting, team lunch and learn, continuing education session, or convention.

Your organization and workforce have been affected by the global pandemic.  You feel overwhelmed, stuck, and concerned for your patients, students, your staff, and those whom you love.  You know witnessed how music can, and does, make a difference and now you want to learn more. 

All the following presentations (30 min – 90 min in length) have been specifically developed with you and your unique interests and needs in mind.  At the end of your presentation, you will be: more informed, more connected, and inspired towards a new action.

Music for Mental Health: Sometimes Words Are Not Enough

In this presentation, we will explore the connection between music and mental health, explaining why music’s power may hold more potential than we realize.

Learn how music can become a communication bridge, one that can help individuals express and process their greatest life challenges, stressful transitions, and at times, an unexpected health crisis.

  1. Hear encouraging case studies that demonstrate how music can reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety when used with intention.
  2. Learn the research and clinical evidence of how music supports our mental health and wellness.
  3. Gain practical strategies to strengthen your wellness at home and work that restore your productivity and positive spirits. 
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Design Purposeful Playlists for your Health and Well-Being

Behind every favourite song is an untold story. During this presentation, we will dig deeper into the power of music for our mental health and dig deeper into a well-known strategy for our well-being – creating purposeful playlists.

For some, generating playlists can seem quite daunting, especially when people see the endeavor as one that takes time and money. However, although it does take both those things – time and money – the benefits absolutely far outweigh the costs.

  1. Learn how to assess what playlists you need for your unique goals and environment.
  2. Identify 5 different styles of playlists for different purposes and how best to put them together.
  3. Use playlists at specific times of day to improve your mood, productivity, and motivation.
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Make Music Work at Work: Decrease Stress and Boost Morale

Decrease corporate stress in seconds and boost your team’s mood in minutes.

As many of us know 80% of workers feel stress on the job and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress and 42% say their co-workers need such help  (American Institute of Stress). When we experience the right music, in the right way, considerable health benefits can be achieved. 

  1. Learn how music can be a tool for stress reduction and life-enhancement. 
  2. Hear the research behind the music we use, and how we respond to the music in our lives, regardless of our age, ability, or affluence. 
  3. Apply music with greater intention to lower your stress, open you up to new learning reserves, stimulate your creativity, and improve your memory.
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An Introduction to Music Therapy: Transforming Lives, One Note at a Time

Music therapy has been proven invaluable when opening doors to communication, supporting creativity and expression, and enhancing the quality of life.

Today the term Music Therapy has hit pop culture. You hear about it on TV, mentioned on the Grammy’s, in national bestselling books, and in often in the news.  However, music therapy as a profession can still be misunderstood. This presentation will clear it all up through the sharing of stories, research and the current work of JB Music Therapy – turning 30 years old in 2021.  

  1. Learn how Music Therapists have been trained and what they actually do.
  2. Hear the evidence as to what goals music therapy can affect the most efficiently and effectively.
  3. Be inspired and learn how to determine if music therapy would be of benefit to you and those you care about.
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